France to introduce biometric visas to Indians

INTERfrancebmvFrom Nov 2, France will align with other countries in the Schengen Area and introduce biometric visas to Indian nationals that will facilitate travel throughout the region.

In India the French Embassy will offer 3 or 5 year circulation visas to frequent visitors, and visas issued prior to the introduction of the biometrics will remain valid.

Indian applicants will be asked to appear in person at any listed VFS centre to register their biometric data. Children under the age of 12 are exempted from this procedure. The recorded biometric data will be stored for 59 months, thereby making it unnecessary for applicants to appear in person again to renew their visa. Furthermore the biometric data recorded by France will be valid for all Schengen Area countries during this period, just as data recorded by another Schengen Area country will be valid for France for a period of 59 months.

The transition to biometrics will not impact the visa issuance period, which for India, is a maximum of 48 hours.