Furious Delhi CM Kejriwal calls PM Modi a psychopath !

THESEkejriwalDelhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of the AAP, furious since his offices were raided by the CBI, says CM Narendra Modi is waging a ‘psychopathic’ vendetta against his administration.

Although Kejriwal was beaten by PM Modi in the general election, he oversaw a dramatic landslide victory over Modi’s BJP, in polls at the start of the year in the Delhi state assembly.

The 2 gentlemen have since then clashed repeatedly, most recently when the Central Bureau of Investigation officers sealed off several offices in the Delhi secretariat where Kejriwal is based.

Kejriwal then called Modi ‘a coward and psychopath’.

Sources said the bureau raid was actually focused on Kejriwal’s principal secretary, Rajendra Kumar and not Kejriwal’s own office. Kejriwal however said the CBI that is funded by the central government was lying. He insists that the CBI who is the centre’s ‘yes men’ read private files from his office, and the raid was conducted to locate a file linked to corruption in the Delhi cricket body that Finance.

Minister Jaitley headed in the past.