Gang arrested trying to sell 410-year-old holy Koran

BACKgoldQuranIndian police have arrested 10 people who allegedly tried to illegally sell a 17th Century edition of a 604 page holy Koran, that is written in black italics on gold paper and has gems embedded on the cover.

Experts estimate it to be some 410 years old and written soon after the death of Mughal emperor Akbar who ruled from 1556 to 1605.

A prominent historian Professor Sheikh Ali said the calligraphy is exquisite and what is remarkable is that the font is crystal clear. The last page of the book mentions it was written around 1050 per the Islamic calendar.

The superintendent of police in Mysore, Abhinav Khare said they think it ended up in the hands of the accused through a chain and came from Hyderabad to the gang who had been asking for $770,000 for the book. Police are investigating all angles.