Gang rape victim assaulted again by same men !

RapeIndia is outraged after a student was gang-raped again by the five men who had raped her three years ago.

Police have not made any arrests yet, though the 21-year-old was attacked last week in Rohtak town, Haryana.

The victim has been pursuing a case in court against the five men, when she was attacked again last week. She said she was forced inside a car and the men tried to strangle her. She was seriously injured and left for dead in the bushes. A passerby saw her and took her to the hospital.

The woman was first assaulted in 2013 in Bhiwani town, so her family moved to Rohtak after they were threatened by the accused rapists who are out on bail.

The woman who is a Dalit said she was leaving the college when she saw them and she was very afraid when she realised they were the same five men. They also threatened to kill her father and brother.

Angry protests are continuing in Rohtak.

This situation is certainly untenable and many questions are raised about the state of security and society. Humanity also is questionable as brutal sexual attacks against women and children continue to be reported across India.