Garden city Bangalore — a lake of toxic snowy froth !

MERAgcBangIt looks like it has been snowing in Bangalore, but sadly the reality is that a harmful snow-white froth floats up from the city’s largest lake and spills over into neighbouring areas.

The 9,000 acre Bellandur lake has over the years been polluted by chemicals and sewage that for months has looked like a lake of harmful snowy froth.

In May, the lake of foam caught fire on two separate occasions, and scientists say the flames were caused by industrial effluents in the water, including detergents, oil and grease. The foam also emits an unpleasant smell that local people have to live with. What’s worse is during the rainy season, the wind blows and carries the foam in the air.

Locals say the authorities are not doing much to clean up the lake. They have filed petitions in court the earliest of which dates back to 2000, but nothing much has been done.