Girls sexually assaulted by politicians in Chhattisgarh hostel

BACKgirls10 minor tribal girls alleged that they were sexually assaulted at a government run hostel in Kora district by a group of local politicians who forced entry into their rooms on the pretext of inspecting the hostel.

The victims’ complaint named district panchayat vice president Ajay Jaiswal, janpad president Ganraj Singh Kanwar, Pali Congress MLA Shankar Das Mahant, their aides Rasia Singh, Dinesh Rathore and two others as the molesters.

When one victim approached the hostel superintendent, she was told to report the matter to the police. The superintendent also said she had told Ganraj not to visit the hostel in her absence. Cases have now been registered based on the complaints and five including Ganraj were arrested while the others remain at large.

Ganraj denies the charges, and tension erupted and large protests were staged demanding the arrests of all the accused.