Gold found in Gir cow urine by scientists

gold-in-Gir-cow-urineAfter four years of extensive research, scientists at Junagadh Agriculture University (JAU) have found gold in the urine of Gir cows.

The urine samples of 400 Gir cows were analyzed at the Food Testing Laboratory of JAU, and showed traces of gold raging from 3 mg to 10 mg from 1 litre of urine. The gold was found in ionic form, that is solid salts soluble in water.

The team of researchers used a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry method to analyze the samples. The leader Dr B A Golakia said ’till now they have heard about the presence of gold in cow urine from ancient scriptures and its medicinal properties, so they decided to research cow urine, and analyzed 400 samples and found traces of gold’. Dr Golakia said cow urine has immense medicinal value that can cure several ailments.

They now intend to analyze urine samples of all 39 cow breeds of India.

JAU Laboratory is a joint venture with the Indian Council for Agriculture Research, and Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation. They are now working on the use of Gir cow urine on human and plant pathogens. The experiments are being conducted for use in treatment of human diseases and plant protections.