Gordhan Patel receives Edison Award for his over 100 patents

Gordhan Patel, 73, received the Edison Patent Award for 2013. His extraordinary work spans disciplines and has received some 100 patents. Born in Manund village in Patan district, Patel did his PhD in Vallabh Vidyanagar. With his work in crystallisation of polymers he was given an opportunity for post-doctoral research in the UK and later the US. He got his US citizenship then began his association with major laboratories for research. He founded the JP Laboratories that has 41 patents and 38 pending patents across the globe. He obtained 40 patents for his earlier employer Allied Signal and his SIRAD technology to ascertain the amount of radiation in surroundings using a colour changing strip that he developed specifically as a terror-fighting device post 9/11, won the Frost and Sullivan Award for Innovation in Technology. His most ambitious project to date was developing artificial blood, a liquid without colour or blood group, which unfortunately had to be abandoned for lack of funding. For the past few years Patel has concentrated his energies on finding faster ways of glass-lining metal reactors and pipes that are used for synthesis of chemicals and drugs. Clearly the venerable scientist's Edison Patent Award was a most fitting recognition.