Government now targets NRI media for criticizing PM

nrimediaForeign journalists now complain of constant pressure from the Indian government through consulate staff, either through the owners of media houses run by NRIs abroad, or directly, for being critical of the Indian government in their write-ups, as well as on their social media walls.

They say they were harassed even during the Congress regime, and things have become worse during Narendra Modi’s regime. They are also now being targeted for how they report on Modi as a personality instead of the government as a whole.

The latest incident is the sacking of radio journalist Shiv Inder Singh, based in Punjab from a radio network in Vancouver. He has decided to raise the subject of freedom of journalists employed with what has come to be known as the NRI media.

In a letter to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission he has pointed out how his services were suspended arbitrarily due to political interference, that amounts to trampling the freedom of expression.