Government schools in PM’s hometown don’t have toilets !

MERAtoiletsDespite the Gujarat government’s claims, government schools in PM Narendra Modi’s hometown Vadnagar, and those in CM Anandben Patel’s hometown Vijapur do not have toilets.

This information was provided by the state education minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, in the state assembly, in written response to MLA Prahald Patel’s query.

The Gujarat government has made a Rs.780 crore allocation for the construction of 700,000 toilets in 2016-17. As of yet 26,72,066 toilet are yet to be constructed.

In the PM’s own home district a total of 14,291 families are without toilets, per a 2012 survey, and the government has only been able to provide toilets to just 2,728 families.

The findings are certainly grist for the mill of the opposition parties, as well as being a sad scenario in a wealthy state.