Govt attempt to protect NR Goans’ land draws poor response

INTERnrilandWith a view to safeguard land records, the commission for NRI affairs last year created a data bank of all landed properties of NRIs and OCI cardholders willing to register their properties. For the purpose over a dozen Goan overseas associations were informed by the commission, but only 22 NR Goans have so far registered their properties owned or inherited by them either individually or jointly as co-owners.

The commission had stated that it is considering legislation that will offer to protect the landed properties of interested NRIs and PIOs of Goan origin. Details of the properties of the 22 respondents have been passed to district collectors and the state registrar of notary services to ensure property protection.

The commission said there have been instances where properties owned by NRIs and PIOs have been usurped in their absence. As in the case of one John Linton Carrasco who returned to Goa after 10 years to find that his ancestral land of 11,000 sq. m had been sold to 14 people through fraudulent means after it was converted into 32 smaller plots, 14 of which were sold for Rs.92 lakhs.

Carrasco also found that a road was under construction on his property and he registered a complaint with the police who have registered a case of cheating and forgery against Pauline Das, a resident of Mumbai and 14 other persons. Das allegedly used a forged power of attorney and other documents to do the deed.