Govt questions UK on future of surrogate baby born in India

baby-lilyExternal Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj questioned the UK government on the future of a surrogate baby. She tweeted in support of British couple Chris and Michele Newman who had a baby born through surrogacy in India.

The couple are now facing issues when getting a British passport for their daughter Lily, as they may be forced to leave without her, because their medical visa expires on October 7th and Lily’s travel documents may not be ready by that time according to the British consulate.

Minister Swaraj in her tweets, questioned the British authorities and asked the ‘advocates of commercial surrogacy to find a solution’, by that she took a jibe at critiques of the government’s new surrogacy bill.

The Newmans are among the last to have a surrogate child in India, after the government banned commercial surrogacy and passed the surrogacy regulation bill.

The Newmans say they travelled to Mumbai for Lily’s birth and to take her home to Epsom in Surrey. They were however left stranded because of the delays due to the UK Passport Office checks, and they might have to leave their 3-and-a-half-month old baby with a complete stranger as per the Indian Government.