Gujarat police in Bollywood style climax to save NRI marriage

HAPPgpThe Danilimda police saved the marriage of a woman age 28, whose NRI husband nearly left her behind and flew to Australia.

Sources said with only an hour left for the flight, they reached the airport in the nick of time, to convince the man to take his wife along with him.

Police say the wife had the visa stamped in her passport and the tickets were bought will little time left for the fight that would let the woman fly to Australia with her husband and son age 4. The couple who married some 8 years ago had settled in Australia. They also have an older daughter.

What led to the debacle was that the couple recently landed in India to attend the NRI’s younger brother’s wedding in Bhavnagar, but they had a dispute there and the wife returned to her parent’s house in Ahmedabad.

On November 28 the wife and her parents rushed to the police saying they had information the NRI was to fly to Australia with their son leaving his wife behind. The police stepped in and rushed to the airport where they met up with the man and his son .The man started quarrelling with the police and was determined to go on alone, but the police convinced him to talk it over with his wife for a few minutes then decide.

Fortunately after thirty minutes the husband indicated he was ready to take his wife home to Australia, giving the story a happy ending.