Haj tragedy casts shadow over Eid celebrations in India

BACKhajstampMillions celebrated Eid-ul-Adha across India, but the Haj tragedy in Saudi Arabia that killed over 700 pilgrims including 14 Indians cast a shadow.

Prayers were offered on Eidgah grounds and mosques across India that attracted tens of thousands of mostly men and children. Later goats were sacrificed to commemorate Ibrahim’s apostle’s readiness to sacrifice his son and honour the command of God.

Indian and Pakistani troops exchanged sweets on the line of control on the occasion of Eid as did the Border Security Force of India and the Pakistan Rangers. The day did however see clashes between security forces and protesters in Srinigar.

Special prayers were also offered for those who died in the stampede at the Haj. Among the victims are one from Maharashtra and 13 from other parts of India.