Haryana man gets himself killed to help family

satbirSatbir Singh, 55, a resident of Gorad village in Chandigarh, who was debt ridden, is believed to have paid Rs.2,500 to a man who worked at his grocery shop, to carry out his execution by shooting him in the head, so that his family would get the life insurance money.

The story unraveled after police picked up the executioner Chand Singh, 22. One official said Satbir apparently drugged Chand to convince him to kill him. Satbir also arranged for the country-made pistol for Chand to carry out the dreadful execution.

Satbir’s body was found near a drain of the village. Officials said that besides being a grocer Satbir also dabbled in money-lending and had run up a debt of Rs.60 lakhs

Police are yet to get the insurance documents to ascertain the value. Of Satbir’s 4 kids, two daughters are married and two younger sons lived with him. His wife is believed to be illiterate. Satbir was also suffering from multiple diseases.