Here comes the bride's wedding packer !

A group of entrepreneurs have launched trousseau-packing services that include not just the bride's clothes and accessories, but also gifts for the groom, in-laws, and assorted giveaways. Neha Shah of a Mumbai service that offers wedding gift-wrapping ideas Twistofy and Ferns N Petals, offer a range of trousseau packing options. They say clients are also concerned about how their gifts are presented. There are also packing options for every ceremony, and Lakshmi Singla owner of The Wedding Designer store in Delhi has even made a gift tray for a groom featuring a mini car that opens up to reveal a real car key. The cost pf packing a giveaway can range from Rs.600 to Rs.1800. If there are 300 guests basic packing costs Rs.1.8 lakhs, not including the cost of chocolates, sweets and other goodies.