Hindu converts revert back to Islam

82q9lhvaA family of 17 in Mahuar Lathia village, Agra who had converted to Hinduism in December last year said it has returned to their original Muslim faith.

Mr Rahmat, 70, the head of the family said after their conversion they were ostracised and refused permission to join marriages and other functions of the Nat community of which they were once a part, so they chose to return to their original fold.  They will present their case before the community panchayat shortly.

Last December the alleged forced conversion of 100 people to Hinduism in Agra set off a chorus of criticism against the government by the opposition in and out of Parliament, while an FIR was also filed against an RSS wing that was allegedly behind the mass conversion.

The government said it had no role in the conversions and law and order was a state issue.