Hindu temple sign vandalised with 60 shotgun blasts in US

NRINTERhTempleThe signboard for a planned Hindu temple in North Carolina was shot at, leaving over 60 bullet holes in the sign.

The Om Hindu Organisation of North Carolina is planning a 3,600 sq.ft. temple and has bought 7.6 acres for the purpose. The sign suffered damage of around $200.

The incident has shocked the Indian community in Forsyth County, Clemmons and the sheriff’s office is investigating the incident. The Om Hindu Organisation stated that as American people they are fighting hate and stand for the promotion of tolerance, respect and inclusion. They also have no doubt that in the long run they will be able to practice their religion and live peacefully in the region.

The sheriff’s office said the damage appears to be vandalism and they have increased their patrols in the area where around 500 Indian families live.

Former Clemmons Mayor John Bost offered his apologies for the incident, and the pastor at a Baptist Church also expressed regret when they noticed the vandalised sign.

The Om Group is moving forward with its plan for the temple.