How Salman Khan got bail in just 3 hours after conviction !

baxksKhanBollywood superstar Salman Khan was given bail just 3 hours after he was convicted in the 2002 hit-and-run case. The speed with which he achieved this has the whole country wondering what magic wand he or his attorneys waved, as this is unheard of in India.

Legal experts offer two possible factors, one was that Khan seems to have gone to court prepared with a course of action if he was convicted, and he hired the best he could find in Harish Salve who is described as the most expensive lawyer in India. He certainly must be, as he argued on the simple platform that they did not receive a copy of the conviction order and filed for bail on the operative parts of the order that had been given to his client.

Public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam said there was nothing illegal about it, in this case it shows that Salman had thought up his next course of action if the verdict were to go against him. He got bail on technical grounds, and the smarts of his renowned lawyers. In effect Salman will remain out on bail while the High Court takes another look at his case in July.

Of course this has raised the obvious question – is swift bail only available to the rich? Well yes, but arguments and assumptions are rife in every body’s mind including the media. Undoubtedly we shall be hearing more on the subject and the superstar.