Husband and daughter thrown off after woman dies on the bus

53889567Ram Singh and his 5-year-old daughter were thrown off the bus they were travelling in, after the ailing wife Malli died on the bus in Damoh district, Madhya Pradesh.

The bus conductor forced Ram to get off the bus in the middle of a forest, and take his wife’s body and daughter with him, even though it was raining heavily..

When asked about his inhumane action the conductor Sharda Sen said the other passengers had a problem with travelling with the body, so they asked Singh to get off the bus.

Malli had given birth to a daughter some days before the incident, then she fell sick and husband Ram was taking her to hospital for treatment.

Two lawyers – Mrityunjay Hazari and Rajesh Patel who were passing through the forest saw Singh trying to feed his daughter while his wife’s body lay on the ground. They stopped to help Singh and one called police for help.  Mr Patel said the police came to the spot, noted the details and left without helping them. Later the lawyers called a private ambulance to take the body to Ram Singh’s home.

When questioned about the incident the Batiagarh police said no such incident was reported.