Hyderabad 13-year old delivers baby in school toilet !

happssgirlA 13-year-old class 9 student of a government school in Hyderabad complained of a stomach ache and her teacher sent her to the washroom along with a classmate. The classmate soon returned and reported that the girl had delivered a baby.

The teen and the baby were moved to a room and her parents were called to the school.

Th shocked school staff says no one had noticed that the student was pregnant. Her teacher said she is slim and walked with a dupatta on her stomach and would sit with her bag on her lap, so they had no way of knowing.

A Police complaint has been filed against a neighbour whom they believe may have been responsible, and it appeared the parents may have been aware of her condition but were reluctant to tell anyone or go to the police because of the social stigma. The classmates said she had been aloof for some time and would not even come out to play.

Activists say the incident again highlights the ignorance surrounding child abuse given that no one around the girl was aware of her condition.