Hyderabad Court orders NRI to pay Rs.50,000 monthly to wife

INTERESintrimmaintA Hyderabad family court has asked an NRI husband to pay an interim maintenance of Rs.50,000 every month to his wife from the date of the petition till the disposal of the main divorce case.

The wife had approached the court seeking divorce in a domestic violence case and interim maintenance relief from her estranged husband. She claimed she is a housewife without any source of income.

The husband contested saying the wife is qualified and working in an MNC company with a salary of over Rs.100,000, so she does not need immediate additional support, and he produced the wife’s tax statements as proof. He said they have no children and that he lives in a more expensive country than India.

Ruling against the husband the court said thought the wife is doing a job, per documents filed by the counsel for the husband her salary is less than the husband as and such to live commensurate with the status of the husband it is considered fit to allow the petition.