Hyderabad student killed for protecting lady classmate

Harshvardhan Rao, 19, thought a senior at his college was trying to harass a female classmate so he objected. Just hours later he died after being assaulted by the senior student Satish K, 22, who allegedly beat him to death. Reports say Harsh and his friends were walking down a corridor when Satish Kodkar teased a girl in the group, and Harsh objected. During the lunch break Satish went to Harsh's classroom and beat him till he fell unconscious. His friends rushed him to hospital where he died. Satish fled the area but was arrested from the railway station. Angry students vandalised the college, smashing its windows in protest. Harsh's brother said Satish beat Harsh in front of many people, yet no one from the faculty or management intervened. Students at the private college agreed, saying after Harsh was beaten the management did not help and it was left to them to move the injured student to hospital.