I have a very unique personality : Priyanka Chopra

Speaking to media in an interview, one time Miss World turned Bollywood marquee actress Priyanka Chopra described herself as having a very unique personality. "I am not an ordinary star" she said "I hate to be clubbed as 'oh celebrities". She went on to say she does not follow a path, she creates her own and things just happened as she evolved. For Priyanka 2014 was a good year due to the success of her film "Mary Kom". The actress says women empowerment is seeping into the film industry, slowly. She has personally tried to move away from male-dominated formula films with 3 songs and 12 scenes that most female actors are afraid to do because it is easier to film with a boy and share the credit. Priyanka exudes optimism and is working with the Clean India campaign as well as her own 'abhiyan' (campaign). She hopes to do more women-centric films so future generations are not afraid to take on films that make them as relevant as males.