IIM Prof targeted for backing JNU protests

BACKasguptaAssociate Professor Amit Sengupta accused the government of targeting him because of his support for the protests over Dalit student Rohith Vemula’s suicide, and the recent incidents relating to JNU and FTII.

Sengupta who is a senior faculty member at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication where he teaches English Journalism, resigned from his post saying the institutes decision to move him to its Dhenkanal campus in Odisha was a political decision and a clear case of victimisation.

Sengupta maintained that he stood up for Vemula and the rights of Dalits, and will continue to do so, as he thinks grave injustice had been done to him and the students of the Hyderabad Central University.

Ministry sources said Sengupta had not been transferred, but that his services were temporarily placed at Dhenkanal because of staff requirement there.  Government sources however, said the conduct of the Associate Professor had been under a watch after a social media post in which he allegedly attempted to ‘instigate’ IIMC students to protest against Rohith Vemula’s suicide.