Illegal canine flesh trade continues in North East India

nagalandVideo footage shot by the Humane Society International in Kohima shows inhumane dog killings, with the poor animals’ mouths stitched closed to prevent them from making a noise when they are smuggled into Nagaland where they are beaten with wooden sticks and killed in front of one another. The dogs are clubbed to death to provide for India’s illegal canine flesh trade.

The chief of the Humane Society says the cruelty is the worst he has ever witnessed. He has written to the CM of Nagaland to urge the government to observe the ban on dog meat consumption and shut down the markets that sell the meat. He has also witnessed the bodies being thrown into dog meat pits.

The consumption of dog meat is illegal in India but the laws are flouted openly, and it is thought that over 30,000 dogs are killed in Nagaland state every year.

Across Asia, 30 million dogs are killed each year for human consumption.