Images of India : Blazing Fire Engulfs Forests In Uttarakhand

forestfiresRaging forest fires, entered the 88th day. The fires have destroyed nearly 3,000 acres of forest cover and killed six people. Satellite images by the Indian Space Research Organisation show 200 active forest fires in Uttarakhand. The hill regions of three other states: Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir have been affected as well. Overall, around 1,300 fires are raging across north India. The MI-17 Air Force choppers that were meant to spray water over the burning jungles faced zero visibility due to thick smoke. So far, 6,000 firemen have been deployed to tackle the fires in the state. The government, has started a satellite picture-based fire alarm system. It will send out text messages to the authorities every time a fresh fire is detected.