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Anna Hazare receives life threat from NRI
Report dated 05/03/2015 @ 1:15 PM

Anna Hazare receives life threat from NRI Anna Hazare, 77, has received a threat on Facebook from Canada based NRI Gagan Vidhu, who wrote "Time has come to kill Anna Hazare. I will be the next Nathuram Godse"

Hazare supporter and resident of Kalyan, Ashok Gautam, also received messages threatening to harm the Gandhian, following which he filed a complaint with the police.

An FIR has been filed against Gagan Vidhu and another Canada based NRI his friend Neil, who voiced support for Vidhu's statement.

Hazare is scheduled to hold a meeting of his supporters where he is likely to announce the date for commencement of a march to protest the land bill. He had earlier said his 1100-km march will span over three months.

The threat message was posted on February 24 when Hazare launched a 2-day agitation against the controversial ordinance, coinciding with the commencement of the Budget Session of Parliament.

Police are trying to trace the IP address from where the threat was sent, and are carrying out a detailed probe with the help of the cyber cell of the police commission in Mumbai. They have also increased security for the Hazare at his residence in Ahmednagar district.

Court injunction against airing of jailed gang rapist interview
Report dated 04/03/2015 @ 7:35 PM

Court injunction against airing of jailed gang rapist interview Delhi police filed an FIR and moved the court against airing the BBC documentary 'India's Daughter' in which one of the convicted rapists was interviewed in Tihar jail. Police have also registered two cases against the film alleging breach of India's penal code.

Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi said the law had been broken and they will investigate, and sources in the Home Ministry say they will ask Tihar Jail authorities if norms were observed in granting the interviewer Leslee Udwin access to the death row convict Mukesh Kumar who remorselessly said women are more responsible for rape than men.

Udwin says she sought and received permission to conduct the interview two weeks after she applied in May 2013, from the then director-general of Tihar Jail and the Ministry of Home Affairs. She also defended her film saying it 'tries to show the disease is not the rapist's, the disease is in society'. The parents of the victim were alongside her and appeared to support the film.

Leslee Udwin's documentary was due to be broadcast on March 8, International Women's Day. It was also due to be shown on NDTV in India.

Film makers said any attempt to stop the film being broadcast would be a violation of the right to freedom of expression.

Bengaluru firm develops low cost swine flu diagnostic kit
Report dated 04/03/2015 @ 6:44 PM

Bengaluru firm develops low cost swine flu diagnostic kit As India battles the worst outbreak of the swine flu, the government has approved the first India-made swine flu diagnostic kit developed by Bengaluru based Molbio Diagnostics, that promises cheaper, faster results with a portable device.

The kit costs Rs.850, less than half the price of most imported kits that cost upto Rs.2800, while producing equally accurate results. Molbio, a name derived by combining Molecular Biology is a 50:50 joint venture between Goa based Tulip Group and Bengaluru headquartered Bigtec Labs.

Molbio says their kit makes it economical to run tests on each sample separately, allowing them to produce faster results in case of many infections. Also, their hardware is comparatively light and easy to operate. The portable device is also designed to take a sample from the patients' bedside unlike other kits imported from Swiss firm Roche Diagnostics and US based Life Technologies.

Unfortunately despite central clearances the labs equipped with Molbio's technology are struggling to convince their respective state governments that they have the permissions required to run the tests.

India has recorded 19,046 confirmed cases of swine flu that has claimed 1075 lives.

Police take 7 months to file complaint on NRI credit card fraud
Report dated 03/03/2015 @ 5:41 PM

Police take 7 months to file complaint on NRI credit card fraud Navi Mumbai police took 7 long months to register an FIR on a complaint filed by a Nerul woman in August 2014 about her international credit card being cloned and used to withdraw Rs.18,000 from an ATM in Russia.

The cyber crime cell inspector who blamed a staff shortage for the delay saying they have to deal with over 1000 cyber crime cases registered in 2014, eventually registered the FIR at the NRI police station.

The complainant Trupti Nanaware said the money was debited from her joint account with her husband using the cloned credited card, as their international credit card was with her husband who was in South Africa at the time. The amount was withdrawn from an ATM in Saint Petersberg, Russia.

Police authorities said the fraudster must have used a skimmer device attached to an ATM, that enables the copying of data of an ATM card, while a spy camera is attached to the machine to view the PIN entered by the customer, after which a cloned card is made and used to withdraw cash from any other ATM. The fraudsters were unable to draw more than Rs.18,000 as that was the total amount in the complainant's account.

Accident Claims Tribunal awards Rs.7 crore to NRI victim's family
Report dated 03/03/2015 @ 5:36 PM

Accident Claims Tribunal awards Rs.7 crore to NRI victim's family The Mohali Motor Accident Claims Tribunal has awarded compensation of over Rs.7 crore to the family of an NRI who died while travelling in a private bus that fell into the SYL canal near Rajpura in 2009, after the driver lost control of the vehicle.

The Tribunal has directed the driver and owner of the bus as well as the insurance company to jointly and severally pay the compensation to the parents, wife and son of the victim Mandeep Singh Madhar, 48, who lived with his wife and son in Texas and worked as a chartered accountant in the US with an average salary of $95,000 a year.

The first liability has been placed on the insurance company ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co Ltd, Chandigarh through its branch manager. The Driver was Hardev Singh a resident of Hoshiarpur against whom an FIR for rash and negligent driving and causing death was registered in Rajpura. The owner was M/s Indo-Canadian Transport Company Ludhiana. The court also directed the respondents to pay annual interest of 6 percent from the date of filing of the claim to the date of realisation.

Hardev and the transport company contested the claims, denying the accident and claiming that Mandeep never boarded the bus. The insurance company alleged the driver did not hold a valid licence and the bus was running without a permit.

The investigating officer and the complainant in the FIR Kunal Grover who was a passenger himself and suffered injuries, testified that the accident was caused due to rash driving on Hardev's part.

Eventually the Tribunal calculated the final compensation amount as Rs.5.56 crore.

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