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Two buildings collaps killing at least 15
Report dated 29/06/2014 @ 1:47 PM

Two buildings collaps killing at least 15 In Delhi, a four-storey 50-year-old dilapidated building collapsed in an area inhabited by the poor. At least 22 people died in the collapse and one survivor was being treated in hospital.

Police say most homes in the area were built without permission and used substandard materials. Reports say the collapse was triggered by construction work on an adjacent plot.

Hours later, a 12-storey building under construction on the outskirts of Chennai collapsed as heavy rains pounded the area. Police say 17 construction workers were pulled from the rubble and the search was continuing for nearly 30 others. Four of them died in hospital as nearly 300 policemen and fire service workers scoured the debris through the night looking for survivors.

Building collapses are not uncommon in India where tax regulations and demand for housing encourage some builders to use substandard materials or add unauthorised extra floors.

Bhagwad Gita translated into Urdu couplets
Report dated 29/06/2014 @ 1:38 PM

Bhagwad Gita translated into Urdu couplets Noted Urdu Poet and Author, Anwar Jalalpuri has translated the 700 verses of the Bhagwad Gita into 1761 Urdu couplets.

He says the sacred scripture is the greatest literature on worldly education in the country, and his translations that were converted into chaste Urdu couplets (shers) are an effort to recapture the essence of the sacred text.

Jalalpuri said some of the verses were completed in a single couplet, others were spread to more couplets to keep in mind the nicety and beauty of Urdu poetry. His objective is to take the preachings of the Gita to Urdu for Muslims, who consider it a holy scripture, but are unaware of its actual content.

Jalalpuri's book is published in Devnagari and Persian script, as both Hindus and Muslims have a knowledge of the Urdu language, and people of both communities can read the messages and make an effort to know each other better.

The book "Urdu Shayari mein Gita" was launched by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav.

College students unveil rape deterrent garments they created
Report dated 29/06/2014 @ 1:32 PM

College students unveil rape deterrent garments they created Rijul Pandey and Shalini Yadav, Computer Science students at a private engineering college in Varanasi, unveiled their rape deterrent rapist repellent creations - sandals that would give an electric shock to a molester and send an instant SOS message to those specified by the wearer on her list of mobile contacts.

Diksha Pathak and Anjali Srivastava, also from the same institution developed an electronic GPS device that can be sewn into a pair of jeans that allows kin of the victim to be immediately informed of any attempt by a molester by sending a preset text alert. This device is also linked to the GPS system through which the location of the victim can be pinpointed.

In Chandigarh Manisha Mohan a student at SRM University in Chennai developed an electrified bra that is fitted with a pressure sensor connected to an electric circuit. The bra named SHE (Society Harnessing Equipment), can also send a text message to a relative and the local police station, with the help of the victim's GPS coordinates.

6-year-old ‘Google boy’ turns teacher, opens his own academy
Report dated 28/06/2014 @ 8:02 PM

6-year-old ‘Google boy’ turns teacher, opens his own academy Six-year-old Kautilya who came to be known as the Google boy, will now be delivering lectures and providing training to students of his age at his own academy in Panchkula.
Looking at the ability of his son, Kautilya's father Satish Sharma has opened an academy by the name of 'Google Boy Academy for Excellence' in Mansa Devi complex, sector 5 Panchkula.
According to a report in Bhaskar, He will run the institute while his son will deliver lectures sharing tips on how to remember things. The main focus of the academy will be to teach the students special shortcuts to memorize things for which many short courses will also be introduced.
The land for setting up the academy has already been acquired. The academy enrollment will begin in the month of July.

At the time of admission, students will have to appear for a test for assessment of their IQ, capability and interest levels. The tests may also stretch for a week. Incase if the student does not qualify his time will not be wasted. The academy will provide courses such as declamation, debate, calligraphy, reasoning, astronomy, satellite science steed, geography, mathematics fundamental, English grammar, Hindi grammar and preparation for competitive exams.
Satish Sharma said that the academy will not function like other coaching institutes teaching school curriculum. Rather it will focus on polishing hidden potentials of the students. He added that every child has a Kautilya hidden in them what is required is to test them.
The academy will start after Kautilya comes back from Bhuwaneshwar after seeking blessings from Lord Jagannath.

Kautilya, who hails from Kohand village of Karnal district in Haryana, came to be known as the 'Google boy' after he learnt by rote information relating to geographical borders, planets in space, mineral resources when he was five years eight month old and studying in Class 1.
During an interview to a TV channel, a question-answer session was conducted with celebrities like Shivani Kashyap asking him questions to check his IQ. Kautilya replied to most of the questions correctly, with minor mistakes. His father and grandfather were present, as their son faced a barrage of questions.

Neurologist Dr Kapil Singhal, who was present at the live show, said, Kautilya possessed an IQ of above 150, same as was possessed by famous scientist Albert Einstein. "His analytical powers are very good and made me spellbound", said Dr Singhal.

Mumbai's Shame: FIR Charges 10 Cops With Murder, Sexual Assault
Report dated 28/06/2014 @ 7:52 PM

Mumbai's Shame: FIR Charges 10 Cops With Murder, Sexual Assault Mumbai: Ten policemen all working at the same station in Mumbai have been accused in a First Information Report or FIR of kidnapping, sexually assault and murdering a young man they had arrested. The case is being investigated by the CBI. An FIR is the first step in the filing of formal charges; the cops have not yet been arrested.

In April, Agnelo Valdaris, 25, was found dead on the train tracks near the Wadala Railway station in Central Mumbai, three days after he had been arrested along with three friends in a case of theft.

The police claimed that Agnelo had been run over by a train while trying to escape from the cell where he had been locked up. But his father, Leonard, and the three others who had been arrested said the police had sexually assaulted and tortured Agnelo till he died.

The policemen, who had initially claimed that they had CCTV footage showing Agnelo breaking out of the police station, were unable to furnish the video when asked.

The men who were arrested with Agnelo say that the policemen stripped them, beat them for several hours and forced them to perform sexual acts on each other.

Earlier this week, the case was assigned to the CBI by the Bombay High Court after it heard their testimony as well as that of Agnelo's father.

The case had first been taken up by the state police, but the men who had been arrested said that the officers appeared biased.

One reason the Bombay High Court handed over the investigation to the CBI was the abysmal record Maharashtra has in giving justice to those who have allegedly died in police custody. For the past 14 years, maximum number of custodial deaths and murders have taken place in Maharashtra. Statistics reveal 23 per cent of all custodial deaths occurred in Maharashtra but not one case has led to a conviction.

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