“India among world’s least honest countries”

BACKiSidhonestyAccording to a study by Dr David Hugh Jones, people from 15 countries rated India among the least honest countries in the world. Sharing the dubious title were China, Japan and South Korea.

Notwithstanding, Asian countries were not more dishonest than others, as the difference may be explained by cultural views specific to the somewhat questionable coin flip test, such as attitudes to gambling, rather than differences in honesty as such.

Surprisingly people were more pessimistic about the honesty of people in their own country than of people in other countries.

Dr Jones suggested that the relationship between honesty and economic growth has been weaker over the past 60 years and there is little evidence for a link between current growth and honesty.

Dr Jones presented his findings at the London Experimental Workshop conference, hosted by Middlesex University, London.