India bars Greenpeace activist flying to London

Greenpeace activist Priya Pillai who was due to brief British MPs on the dangers of a proposed coal mine, was stopped by immigration officers who refused her permission to board her flight to London. Pillai had a valid visa but immigration officials stamped her passport "offload". Pillai's visit to London was to brief British MPs on how a coal mine proposed by a UK based company was threatening the livelihood of local villagers. Indian media criticised the authorities' decision saying the gesture by the government lays bare a deepening anti-democratic streak in its approach to alternative voices, dissenting opinions and activism. By silencing opinion and putting citizens on blacklists and watch lists, the government is acting unconstitutionally and shaming itself. Another daily said lobbying and activism are legitimate acts and the government's response should be to negotiate, whereas the puerile alternative of offloading inconvenient people mars the image of confident maturity that India is trying to project.