India has highest likelihood to produce Sexual Predators : Research

HAPPassaultomenA study done by the International Centre for Research on Women, in collaboration with two other organisations found that close to 25% of men surveyed in India said they had engaged in sexual violence at some point, most of them against their partner. Delhi and Vijayawada were chosen as study sites.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau data, more than 90 women are raped in India everyday. Among the men 34% of those who were sexually abused in childhood report sexual violence and 36.8% said they felt neglected.

Along with Chile, the incidence of men raping while drunk was on the higher side in India, as was the sad case of Nirbhaya, where all the rapists were drunk. Also, in India, husbands and fathers are more likely to perpetrate sexual violence, as are men who pay for sex.

India now has taken the ignominious lead in having the highest percentage of factors that shape boys into sexual predators.