'India is world's second most trusted nation'

A survey by public relations firm Edelman has found that trust in India has improved with the country moving up three places to second place among 27 nations in the world. The survey found that the general level of trust in institutions among college-educated people around the globe are at levels not seen since 2009 in many of the markets surveyed. The number of 'truster' countries are at six in 2015, including the UAE, India, China and the Netherlands, while the number of 'distruster' countries has grown to 13 including Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, South Africa and Italy. Brazil, Malaysia, France and the US are among the 8 'neutral' nations, per the trust index. Government was the only institution to gain trust in 2015, driven by improvements in 16 countries, including India. In terms of NGOs in India, trust was flat at 74 percent, and India has scored well on trust in the media factor with 76 percent in 2015.