India ranks as fourth most holiday-starved nation

BACKnoholidayIn a global study by online travel agency Expedia, India ranked as the 4th most vacation-starved country. Only the UAE, Malaysia, and Singapore have it worse according to those polled who complained of not having enough R&R.

Expedia said ‘An interesting fact is that while the bosses are more inclined to let them holiday, 70% of Indians take fewer days off than their assigned quota, bringing vacation time to an average of 16 days. It turns out Indians are addicted to their work’.

The survey was conducted in October 2015 among 9273 employed adults age 18 years and older in 26 countries across North America Europe, South America and the Asia Pacific.

Plug HR, a strategic HR consulting firm said that unlike the West, Indians regard holidays differently, as the structure of the family including parents and relatives makes it convenient for Indians to take shorter breaks to celebrate festivals, than longer ones like their Western counterparts. The lure of a longer vacation however is strong among working Indians as the survey found that 54% of Indians would still prefer more vacation days over a pay rise.