India royalist, 93, meets British Royal Couple

BACKbomanBoman Kohinoor, a 93 year-old restaurateur saw his dream come true after he met Prince William and his wife Kate. Boman is the owner of Mumbai’s Paris cafe near the Taj Mahal Palace hotel.

Mr Kohinoor is said to be India’s oldest and biggest royalist, and the huge cardboard cut-outs of the royal couple that adorn his restaurant reflect his devotion. In 2010 he wrote to the Queen asking her to visit, and she replied thanking him on her letterhead stamped with the Windsor crest.

Mr Kohinoor said he asked the royal couple to give his love to the Queen and to their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte. He wished he had more time with them but is grateful for this opportunity that he got after a video in which he pleaded to meet the royal pair was posted on the Internet.