India rushes aid as over 4000 die in Nepal earthquake

The death toll crossed 4000 in quake-hit Nepal as tens of thousands of survivors huddle in plastic tents fearful of the continuing aftershocks, and they wait for food, water, electricity and medicines.

Flights carrying aid arrived with emergency medical teams, search and rescue equipment and tarps for shelter, but Kathmandu and other affected areas are short on supplies.
Over 2 days after the quake struck people continued to search for lost loved ones in the rubble.

In Tibet the death toll is 25 and 18 were killed in the avalanche on Mt Everest. In India the death toll rose with 56 deaths in Bihar, 12 in Uttar Pradesh, 3 in West Bengal and 1 in Rajasthan.

India led international salvage and evacuation efforts as teams with sniffer dogs and metal-cutters raced to find survivors buried in the rubble. The Home Minister Rajnath Singh said India will do everything possible to help Nepal. India has so far deployed 13 military aircraft, 3 civilian aircraft, 6 Mi-17 helicopters, 2 Advanced Light Helicopters, and two more are on standby.

India, China, the US, Bhutan, Russia, Japan, France, Switzerland and Singapore have and are continuing to send help, but Nepal has urged other countries to send more help.