India sends wrong body of murdered NRI to UK !

INTERrpowerHotel owner Ranjit Singh Power, 54, from Wolverhampton was last seen at an airport in Amritsar in May and a taxi driver Sukhdev Singh was charged with his murder, after police said he confessed to the killing.

Mr Power’s daughter has told the media that the body Punjab police sent to the UK is not that of her father’s as the dental records and DNA of the body does not match the family’s samples.

Mr Power’s body that was found in a lake was in poor condition, and a family friend who identified the corpse in June said it was the right height and wore the same bangle as the businessman. Only then was the body sent to London.

Police required the DNA sample of Power’s mother in order to match them, but daughter Ms Power said the DNA of her grandmother has not been sent to India as requested, because they discovered the body was not her father’s so it was no longer necessary. She believes the body that was brought to the UK is now the responsibility of the coroner in the UK.