India slams ‘ineffective’ UN Security Council

BACKunSCSpeaking at a UN General Assembly session on peacekeeping, India’s permanent Representative Asoke Kumar Mukerji slammed the UN Security Council, called it ineffective and powerless and blamed it for the rising casualties among peacekeepers.

He said the opaque manner in which the Security Council continues to mandate peace operations, with no accountability or transparency, is dismaying and the human cost is evident in the rising number of casualties among UN peacekeepers and civilians, now reaching 60 million. As of the end of September 85 peacekeepers have died this year.

Mukerji asked the Assembly President Mogens Lykketoft to ‘take the lead and prioritise agreement on an early reform of the Security Council during the 70th Session.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also backed the call for better coordination and cooperation with national actors and local communities.

When he participated at a summit on peacekeeping last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered to increase India’s troop contribution by 10 percent.

South Asian countries are the largest contributors of personnel to the UN peacekeeping operations.