India soon to be world’s highest in heart diseases

0c7n58blAccording to a survey by National Interventional Council, India will soon bear the largest burden of heart diseases globally, with an estimated 61.5 million people suffering from coronary disease by the end of 2015.

Also 3 out of 1000 patients with heart diseases get treated with Angioplasty.

Praveen Chandra, Chairman, Cardiology Society of India said due attention should be given to building infrastructure and providing support to the small centres that need support in training and infra, to grow further.

He said a disappointing fact of the Indian medical industry is that ‘stenting’ has not increased despite being in the low-price subsidized segment, mainly due to lack of attention to other factors such as skilled implanters and support staff, availability of advanced facilities like CathLabs for stenting procedures and lack of proper patient referrals.