India to be bigger market for Google than US

INTERESspichaiSundar Pichai, the global chief executive of Google, believes India will become a bigger market for Google than the US, by mid 2016.

Speaking to the media in Delhi Pichai said India would climb ahead of the US not just in regard to the use of Android based phones, but also in many areas of technological development, where India would be Google’s first market for experimentation and trial before launch in other markets.

Pichai who is an alumnus of IIT-Kharagpur joined Google in April 2004, said it was an emotional experience to go to India and launch the initiatives there.

Pichai spoke to the media on various projects Google has underway, and various others that will follow. Responding to a question on the intolerance debate in India, Pichai said values of diversity were applied to the US as much as to India.

Google has also developed many applications and customised features to meet India’s language diversity, one of which is ‘Tap to Translate’ that helps rural and semi urban populations translate messages into English and vice versa.