Indian media in New Zealand in trouble over ‘witch doctor’ ads

INTindMedThe Advertising Standards Authority of New Zealand has received a
complaint from Thakur Ranjit Singh, who filed it on behalf of the
Indian Media Watch New Zealand. The complaint is against 3 local Indian
media organisations for advertising the services of practising “Hindu
witch doctors” in the country.

The ads were placed in the Indian Newslink, Manukau Courier, and Apna
Television news organisation.

Mr Singh who had railed against the local India media in Auckland
earlier, is the person who set up Indian Media Watch New Zealand amid
an uproar in the Indian community about witch doctors’ practices in the
country. Singh called for an investigation into how witch doctors were
allowed to live and work in New Zealand, and condemned them for
publicising the services of so-called witch doctors, healers, and
astrologers, who charge thousands of dollars.

Mr Singh blogged that the Indian Newslink publication encouraged the
deceit, fraud and social irresponsibility, and violated the basic
principles of the advertising code of ethics.