Indian men like company on their honeymoons !

A travel survey that was conducted in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata among men and women in the age bracket of 25-35 years has found that Indian men have an odd sense of romance. Seventy percent of men stated they would like company on their honeymoon and preferred to be accompanied by another couple. Also 70 percent of couples like to upload honeymoon pictures on social media websites, to show off their spouse and the destinations they visited, and also to make their exes jealous. The survey also found that the spouse's choice was of little interest for Indian men when it came to planning their honeymoon, as men said it's the money that matters while deciding. Women agreed with having little to do with planning their honeymoon the survey said, while 80% of couples felt that the husband should plan the entire honeymoon because they pay for it and think they have more responsibility in the relationship. In the words of fairy tales…and they lived happily ever after!!