Indian restaurant in Doha lets poor eat for free

A short distance from the booming high profile town centre of Doha, one of the richest places on the planet, is a restaurant called Zaiqa.

Zaiqa is owned and run by two NRI brothers who decided to put up a small makeshift sign offering free food to customers who cannot afford to pay. Shadab Khan, 47, has lived in Qatar for 13 years, and his younger brother Nishab who came upon the idea of Zaiqa, are originally from Delhi.

Their 16- seat eatery offers authentic Indian cuisine that is served 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The need for free food in Qatar is particularly acute among labourers and those working in heavy industry. Many labourers have to send money back home to India and need free food. Those that ask for a free meal are mostly construction workers from India, Nepal and Bangladesh.