Indian scientists claim discovery of template for bone regeneration

BACKgeniusResearchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IIS) claim to have discovered a new template for bone tissue regeneration by using 3-D scaffolds of graphene composites as they mimic the environment of bone.

Tissue engineering involves use of synthetic material as a 3-D support structure to help cells grow and heal and restore original tissues that often undergo damage from various diseases or injury caused by accidents.

Dr Kaushik Chaterjee at IISc’s department of Materials Engineering and his students investigated how and why cells respond differently and they attempted making a Polycaptolactone (PCL) scaffold stronger by adding Graphene. The result was found to be stronger than PCL alone that is biodegradable and by itself soft, making it unsuitable for use as a template for bone engineering.

The paper of their discovery was published online in the Journal of Biomedical Materials Research.