Indian students in China indulge in ‘gang violence’

crimChinastuTwo groups of Indian students, armed with knives, fought each other on campus at the Three Gorges University in Yichang city in Central Hubei province, known only for its proximity to the Three Gorges dam.

The incident between the two groups of medical students led to one being stabbed and rushed to hospital with a serious injury. The university expelled all the students directly involved in the clash.

The violence also prompted the Indian government to send a strong advisory to all students in China where there are as many as 14,000 Indians studying, mostly in medical colleges.

The advisory by the Indian Embassy said incidents involving any kind of violence create a negative image on Indians in China, and although the majority of students are law-abiding, the actions of a few are detrimental to the interests of all Indians in China. The Embassy and Consulates will have zero tolerance in all such cases.