Indian students may study in foreign universities without visa / passport

CambridgeIn view of Brexit and America’s impending election, it is anticipated that India will open its doors for foreign universities. In other words the most attractive destinations in the world will be able to establish their campuses in India.

A report says the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) will permit foreign universities to establish their campuses under Special Economic Zones, that will certainly make the process smooth.

The move will benefit India if the universities run a branch campus in India as the country will become an attractive location for Asian students. This will also help regulate the brain drain concept as thousands of Indian students go abroad each year.

The planned Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a geographical area designed for duty free transactions, and, in short, SEZs are foreign territories designed to bring foreign investment into countries.

A commerce ministry official said they have advised the HRD ministry to place the institutions within SEZs. India may have to pay a fee in foreign currency, thus a contentious issue is the repatriation of revenue to the parent campus, so SEZs will help solve the repatriation issue.