Indian tech consultants score high in Sweden

Indian software consultants in the Swedish capital Stockholm are usually high scorers on performance and customer satisfaction, and among the most common jobs are for programmers or systems analysts. One Swedish executive said Indian engineers form a substantial chunk of Sweden's technology industry, and they are among the fastest growing visitors in Stockholm. During 2009-13, 9,366 work permits were granted to Indian citizens in Stockholm of which 8,803 were for IT specialists. Spouses also get work permits automatically. One manager said Indians are considered good software developers and in general there is still a lack of talent in some areas, so experts moving to Sweden is a good way to address the issue. India dominates work migration to Sweden from outside of the EU. There are no special facilities or incentives offered to Indians in particular, as rules are valid for all nationalities. Tax rules say any expats moving to Sweden may apply for tax deductions for entrepreneurs to invest in their own company as an example of more broad initiatives. Sweden probably has the most liberal work migration policies for talent with a job offer. People are attracted to Stockholm because of its strong engineering heritage, stable and transparent institutions and great universities. Stockholm has a long tradition of successful technology companies, from Ericsson and Skype to Spotify and King.