Indian visa seekers raped by Australian ‘employers’

australia-visa-stampAccording to an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) report, Jasvinder Sidhu a lecturer at a college in Melbourne, helped them expose a large visa scam involving Indians moving to Australia, some of whom were exploited and in some cases raped by their bosses.

Mr Sidhu was allegedly approached on Facebook by a local ‘visa fixer’ who sought introductions to Indians looking to migrate to Australia. The fixer, who was filmed on hidden camera, claimed that for a fee of $50,000 per case, he could line up corrupt employers who would create fictitious jobs. He said he could also organise student and IT visas.

Mr Sidhu’s information is part of a large investigation that includes examining corrupt government officials.

ABC reports say Mr Sidhu met some 40 Indians who paid for fake visas, only to be ripped off by fixers or exploited by unscrupulous bosses, some of whom raped the women. The rape victims and victims of violence at work, remain silent and do not complain.