Indian weddings are big business in Thailand

INTERESindweddgHundreds of couples from India are now choosing Thailand as their wedding venue at a cost of several million baht for lavish ceremonies that usually last several days. Priests also often fly to Thailand to conduct the rituals and ceremonies.

Satish Sehgal president of the India Thai Business Association was asked by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to suggest ways to attract the high-end market from India. He recommended convincing millionaires and billionaires to organise their weddings in Thailand.

Sehgal and his team compiled a list of 100,000 Indian millionaires and billionaires and sent out mailings to introduce Thailand as an ideal wedding destination and follow-up invitations were sent out.

His idea worked and within months business began flowing in from India. Now, some ten years later Thailand is the top global destination for Indian weddings with up to 300 held last year.

Sehgal next decided to hire beauty contest winners to give the promotion a boost, and consequently in 2015 the Indian Princess beauty pageant was held in Bangkok.

All this has led to India being one of Thailand’s fastest growing tourist markets. The success continues as Thailand authorities plan to introduce trainings in their hotels that are interested in hosting Indian weddings to being better prepared, for the big spenders.