Indians are second largest migrant group in UK

sp98t1syAccording to the latest figures Indians are the second largest group of migrants going to the UK after the Chinese. In 2013, 33,000 Indians entered Britain for study and work purposes.

India is tied at second place with Spanish migrants from within the European Union. Around 29,000 migrants went to the UK from Australia followed by Poland, France and the US.
The Office of National Statistics found that three-quarters of immigrants to the UK are people migrating to work or study.

On the other hand most British expats who had emigrated out of the country are also going back to the UK for work-related reasons, with 46,000 doing so last year.

The flow of immigrants into Britain is set to remain an emotive issue in the UK as PM Cameron’s government struggles to control the figures. In a recent speech Cameron reiterated his determination to not ‘cave in’ on tough immigration targets. Figures revealed that a total of 641,000 people moved to the UK in 2014.